Mar 18

A Look Back—Embassy Suites

Photograph of the Embassy Suites Hotel and reflection in Laguna Grande Lake in Seaside CaliforniaAn early morning view of the Embassy Suites hotel in Seaside, California. I liked the reflections in Laguna Grande Lake. It was an unusually still morning. November 1, 2008.

May 17

A Look Back—Bodie Mining Buildings

Photograph of mining buildings in the snow at the ghost town of Bodie, CaliforniaMy first trip ever to the ghost town of Bodie coincided with the first snow of the season. Bodie is almost 8400 feet in elevation and I worried I might get snowed in, but the snow added drama to the scene of the mining buildings.

Mar 17

A Look Back—New Idria

Photograph of abandoned buildings at the New Idria Mine in San Benito County, CaliforniaNew Idria was an active Quicksilver mine until 1972. The mine is located in San Benito County, California. It is now an EPA Superfund site because of mercury contamination and the area is a ghost town. This shot is a detail of one of the abandoned buildings. Taken in May, 2006.

Jan 17

A Look Back—Santa Cruz Sunset

Photograph of a building at sunset in Santa Cruz, CaliforniaI don’t shoot many urban scenes or architecture, but this sunset was too nice to pass up. Taken February 24, 2006.

Oct 16

A Look Back—Old Town San Juan Bautista

Photograph of the Plaza Market building in San Juan Bautista, CaliforniaAn early morning in Historic San Juan Bautista. Taken with a 24-120mm lens, January, 2005.

Feb 15

Road Trip–Abandoned House

Photograph of an abandoned house along Highway 207 in central OregonMaking a living in central Oregon has always been a challenge. Here is a house, long abandoned, along Oregon’s Highway 207.

Feb 14

New Mexico–San Miguel Mission

Photograph of San Miguel Mission in Santa Fe, New MexicoA view of San Miguel Mission, said to be the oldest church in the United States. It was built between 1610 and 1626. The original adobe walls are still largely intact.

Jan 14

New Mexico–Loretto Chapel

Photograph of Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New MexicoA view of Santa Fe’s Loretto Chapel.


Jan 14

New Mexico–San Isidro Catholic Church

Photograph of San Isidro Catholic Church in Santa Fe, New MexicoA wonderful sunrise in Santa Fe caught me by by surprise. By the time I got out the door and headed toward the downtown area, the color was beginning to fade. I shot this view of the San Isidro church from my car window.

Mar 13

Road Trip–Yaquina Bay Lighthouse Living Room

Photograph of the living room of the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse along the southern Oregon coast at the Yaquina River near Newport, OregonThis was a blended exposure of 3 shots, 2 stops apart to balance the interior and exterior light.