October, 2017

Oct 17

A Look Back—Mt. Hood Black And White

Black and White photograph of Mt. Hood, in OregonA detail of Mt. Hood, converted to black and white.

Oct 17

A Look Back—Mt. Hood Sunrise

Photograph of Mt. Hood, in Oregon, at sunriseA solo camping trip from California to Oregon and Washington. Camping season was almost over in this area of Oregon. I camped in a campground the last night it was open in October, 2007. It was extremely cold, but the compensation was an early morning view of Mt. Hood.

Oct 17

A Look Back—Sailboat And Mist

Photograph of a sailboat on a quiet lake in Kings Canyon National Park, CaliforniaOn an early morning run around Hume Lake in Kings Canyon National Park, I saw the mist rising around the sailboat and knew I had to come back before the light changed. I sprinted back for the camera and then back again to the lake. A lot of work, but worth it!

Oct 17

A Look Back—Kings River

Photograph of the Kings River flowing over rocks at Cedar Grove Kings Canyon National Park, CaliforniaA visit to Cedar Grove at the end of Highway 180 in Kings Canyon National Park in July of 2007. It was a first attempt at using a polarizing filter to slow the shutter speed to blur the flowing water. I was pleased with this one.

Oct 17

A Look Back—Storm Over Half Dome

Photograph of a over Half Dome at Yosemite National Park, California

Half Dome Storm 2

A dramatic incoming storm, early June, 2007. An exciting visit that resulted in some of my favorite photographs.