Jan 18

A Look Back—Roses At The Mission

Photograph of roses at the San Juan Bautista Mission

Looking at these older shots reminds me that I don’t shoot much anymore with the wide-angle lens. Maybe it’s time to bring it back out. May 31, 2008.

Jan 12

Happy New Year–Mission Solstice

Photograph of the sun shining down the aisle of the San Juan Bautista Mission on the winter solsticeThis post marks the beginning of the third year for this blog. I began January 1, 2010 with a shot of the sun shining through the door of the mission on the winter solstice. This was taken December 22, 2011. May light fill your days throughout the year.

Feb 11

Favorite Images From 2010–Carmel Mission

Photograph of a statue and flowers at Carmel Mission, Carmel, CaliforniaDetail of a small garden at the Carmel Mission, Carmel California. The statue to the far left is of Father Junipero Serra,  the founder of California’s first mission. This is a very quiet spot at the mission.

Jan 11

Happy New Year From Gary Williams Photography!

Sunrise at San Juan Bautista MissionThe image today is appropriate for the season and the new year. It was discovered a few years ago that on the morning of the Winter Solstice, the rising sun shines though a window of the San Juan Bautista Mission and directly illuminates the tabernacle of the altar. I shot this image at the Mission at the Winter Solstice of 2007. I set my tripod up near the front altar and shot down the center aisle directly into the sun, f11 for 1.3 seconds.
(This image is a repeat of my first post from January 1, 2010. Today begins the second year of my photo blog. Last year I posted 120 images.)

May 2011 be full of light for you. Gary Williams

Dec 10

Mission Side Door

Photograph of a side door at the Mission San Juan Bautista, CaliforniaA side door that leads from the chapel to a garden at the Mission San Juan Bautista.

Dec 10

Archways And Transition

Photograph of a door at the Carmel Mission, Carmel, CaliforniaArchways and doors invite us to step through, to experience what is on the other side. They are places of transition. Passing through an archway or a door can be a ceremony of initiation and renewal. This door is at the Carmel Mission.

Dec 10

Doors and Gates

Photograph of the gate to the cemetery at the Mission San Juan Bautista, CaliforniaDoors, gates and thresholds are entrances into new worlds. Gates and doors are common to many story genres. Often the hero passes through a gate or crosses a threshold to begin his journey or quest. This gate is to the cemetery at the Mission San Juan Bautista.

Nov 10

San Antonio Mission Doorway

Photograph of the chapel side entrance of the Mission San Antonio in CaliforniaThis is the doorway that leads into the chapel of the San Antonio Mission. This mission is relatively isolated and, in its pastoral location, most reflects early mission life. Jolon, the nearest town, is 6 miles away and King City, the nearest city is nearly 30 miles away. It was founded in 1810 as the Mission of  Saint Anthony of Padua (La Misión de San Antonio de Padua).

Nov 10

Carmel Mission Gate And Archway

Photograph of a gate and path at the Carmel Mission near Carmel, CaliforniaThis is a path though the gate that leads to one of the gardens of the mission. The name of the mission as founded is  La Misión San Carlos Borromeo del Río Carmelo, which translates to the Mission of Saint Charles Borromeo of the Carmel River.

Nov 10


Photograph of the interior of the Carmel Mission near Carmel, CaliforniaAn arch is a structure that spans a space while supporting weight. Arches support the inspiring gothic cathedrals. They suggest the expansiveness of sky and space. This photograph is of the interior of the chapel of the Carmel Mission near Carmel, California.