Feb 12

Moss Landing Wildlife–Sunset 2

Photograph of birds on a beach at sunset at Moss Landing HarborThis shot has five layers from the dark shore through the top sky. The stillness of the bird silhouettes contrasts with the implied motion of the waves. December 15, 2011.

Mar 11

Favorite Images From 2010–Eastern Washington

Photograph of dramatic clouds and sky near Colfax, Washington
Big skies and dramatic clouds near Colfax, Washington. This area of Washington is called the Palouse. It is hilly dry wheat farming region, dominated by contour plowing.

Jul 10

Cutting Horse At Work

Photograph of a cutting horse and a calf in southeastern Washington
A demonstration of a cutting horse working with a young calf. The location was an arena at a ranch in Dusty, Washington.

Jul 10

Future Cutting Horses

Photograph of  horses in southeastern WashingtonCutting horses are trained to keep a single cow from returning to the herd after the horse and rider have separated it out. In competitions, both horse and rider are judged on their ability to separate a single cow and keep it away from the herd for a short period of time. Cutting horses are athletic animals.

Jul 10

Horse, Cowboy And Working Dog

Photograph of  horse and rider and dog in southeastern WashingtonA scene from the roundup.

Jun 10

Dogs And Horses In The Palouse

Photograph of  horses and riders and dogs in southeastern WashingtonWorking dogs assist the cowboys rounding up the cattle. The dogs seem completely fulfilled and in their glory as they race ahead and around the cows.

Jun 10

Horses In The Palouse

Photograph of 2 horses and riders in southeastern WashingtonOne of the experiences from shooting in the Palouse was the opportunity to visit a working ranch and meet cowboys and cowgirls going about their business. This moment came at the end of rounding up a herd of cattle and driving them into a pen to be delivered later to a neighbor.

Jun 10

Abandoned House And Clouds

Photograph of an abandoned house in southeastern WashingtonAn abandoned house near Rosalia, Washington. The clouds were so dramatic on this day, it seemed perfect as a black and white image.

Jun 10

Grain Elevator In Washington State

Photograph of a grain elevator in southeastern WashingtonThe Palouse region of Washington has some of the most productive wheat farms in the country. Silos and grain elevators are a common sight. I liked the grasses in the foreground on this shot.

Jun 10

Palouse Falls Chasm

Photograph of Palouse Falls  canyon in southeastern WashingtonThis is a view looking down the canyon from Palouse Falls. The Palouse River is flowing toward the Snake River about 4 miles away. The clouds were very dramatic on this day in mid-May.