February, 2012

Feb 12

Waves and Birds — Rock and Wave

Photograph of a large breaking wave at Asilomar, California

This particular rock is farther offshore from the Asilomar beach and sometimes creates spectacular effects. Taken with an 80-400mm lens.

Feb 12

Waves and Birds — Crying Sea Gull

Photograph of a sea gull in front of a large wave at Asilomar, California

Although there have been few winter storms in California this year, occasionally high surf is generated by winds far out to sea. Several weeks ago I saw a high surf advisory and traveled to Asilomar beach, an area south of Pacific Grove, to try and capture some waves. There seemed to be as many interesting birds as waves, so I will post a few pictures over the next several days.

Feb 12

Moss Landing Wildlife–Pelicans

Photograph of two pelicans at Moss Landing HarborA pair of pelicans resting on a building on the fish dock at Moss landing, California.

Feb 12

Moss Landing Wildlife–Seagull 2

Photograph of a sea gull at Moss Landing HarborAnother shot with the 80-400mm zoom lens. Moss Landing, California.

Feb 12

Moss Landing Wildlife–Sunset 2

Photograph of birds on a beach at sunset at Moss Landing HarborThis shot has five layers from the dark shore through the top sky. The stillness of the bird silhouettes contrasts with the implied motion of the waves. December 15, 2011.

Feb 12

Moss Landing Wildlife–Sunset

Photograph of a sunset at Moss Landing HarborThe shadows were deepening and the sky briefly filled with warm yellows and oranges as the sun set. I liked the silhouette of the lone bird against the sky. December 15, 2011.

Feb 12

Moss Landing Wildlife–Water Bird

Photograph of a water bird swimming in Moss Landing HarborI had been shooting sea otters near the Moss Landing visitor’s dock when this bird swam into the scene. I captured a single shot and paid no more attention to it. It was only later, as I reviewed the day’s images that I noticed the unusual orange-red colored eye.

Feb 12

Moss Landing Wildlife–Egret

Photograph of an egret standing in Moss Landing HarborA still November morning near the Moss landing Yacht Harbor. I liked the reflection. 2010.