Sep 17

A Look Back—Point Lobos Bird Island

Photograph of birds on a rock at Point Lobos, California.One of the views at Point Lobos State Park, south of Carmel, California. Point Lobos is called the Crown Jewel in the state park system, with its spectacular rocky coasts and beautiful views.

Dec 16

A Look Back—Moss Landing Pelicans

Photograph of pelicans on the breakwater at the Moss Landing HarborMoss Landing is my closet access to the Pacific Ocean. I am drawn back time and again by the power of the waves, the beauty of the sea and the abundant wildlife. On this particular day, hundreds of pelicans were gathered on the rocks of the breakwater at the approach to the harbor. December1, 2005.

Dec 16

A Look Back—Blue Parrot

Photograph of a blue parrotBlues In The Park is a longtime Seaside tradition. Blues concerts take place in Laguna Grande Park on Sunday afternoons during several weeks in the summer. At one of these events, a gentleman brought several parrots that he shared with other attendees. He placed them on outstretched hands or shoulders. The birds delighted children and adults. I liked the detail in the feathers on this particular shot. August 14, 2005.

Oct 16

A Look Back—Moss Landing Sunset

Photograph of the sun setting at Moss Landing Beach in Moss Landing, CaliforniaThis was near the beginning of more than a decade of inspiration found at the beaches, the jetty and the slough near Moss Landing, California. I was attracted by the colorful cloud reflections from the wet sand. Sunset, December, 2004.

Nov 13

San Francisco Zoo–Chilean Flamingo

Photograph of a Chilean Flamingo at the San Francisco Zoo in San Francisco, CaliforniaThere is a large group of flamingos across from the Zoo’s Leaping Lemur Cafe. Their long graceful necks and the color and texture of their plumage make them fun to photograph. This is one of my favorite shots from the zoo trip.

Oct 13

San Francisco Zoo–Harris’s Hawk

Harris’ Hawks are widespread from the southwestern United States through Central America and much of the drier habitats of South America. They are social birds and hunt cooperatively with other family members. Their group hunting style makes them popular in the sport of falconry.

Oct 13

San Francisco Zoo–Barn Owl 2

Photograph of a Barn Owl at the San Francisco Zoo in San Francisco, CaliforniaThe attendant for this owl told me that it was neurologically damaged and unable to live on its own in the wild. It had West Nile Virus which affected its balance.

Oct 13

San Francisco Zoo–Barn Owl

Photograph of a Barn Owl at the San Francisco Zoo in San Francisco, CaliforniaThe Barn Owl hunts by sound using its acute hearing. They are found in many countries and are not considered endangered or threatened. I have never seen one in the wild and was struck by the elegant beauty.

Oct 13

San Francisco Zoo–Waldrapp Ibis

Photograph of a Waldrapp Ibis at the San Francisco Zoo in San Francisco, CaliforniaThe Waldrapp Ibis is found in the San Francisco Zoo’s African Aviary. The Waldrapp is one of the most endangered avian species. There are perhaps 420 left in the wild and about 1,100 in captivity. It has been successfully bred in captivity and released back into the wild.

Sep 13

San Francisco Zoo–Green-winged Macaw

Photograph of a Green-winged Macaw at the San Francisco Zoo in San Francisco, CaliforniaAlthough they are called the Green-winged Macaw, the dominant color seems to be red. They are widespread in the woodlands and forests of central and northern South America. Those powerful beaks can produce a pressure of 2000 pounds per square inch.