August, 2012

Aug 12


Photograph of a sailboat at sunset off the central California coast near Moss Landing, CaliforniaLiving near the central California coast is a photographer’s dream. Light is often softened and filtered by the fog. Wildlife is abundant. Storms create dramatic skies and waves are always in motion. Moss Landing is my closest access to the ocean, but Monterey and Santa Cruz are not far away. Boats and fishing are the heart of Moss Landing. Over the next several weeks I will post some of my favorite shots of boats and harbors. This was taken from Moss Landing Beach in 2004.

Aug 12

Flowers Near Home–Pink Rose Petals

Photograph closeup of pink rose petalsA final look at flowers near home. A rose in the front yard.

Aug 12

Flowers Near Home–White Rose Petals

Photograph closeup of white rose petalsWhite and pink rose detail. Taken with a manual focus 55mm macro lens, June, 2012.

Aug 12

Flowers Near Home–Pink Roses

Photograph closeup of pink roses covered with raindropsRoses growing through a trellis in the front yard. Taken with a manual focus 55mm macro lens, June, 2012.

Aug 12

Flowers Near Home–Cactus Flowers

Photograph closeup of red cactus flowers cactus spinesI walk by a large spread of road-side cactus almost every day. Most of the year the cactus is dull green and forbidding, but in the spring these flowers add color.

Aug 12

Flowers Near Home–Icelandic Poppy

Photograph closeup of an Icelandic poppyThis Icelandic poppy actually isn’t near home. It was growing in a front yard in Portland, Oregon. I had not seen that shade of pink before. May, 2012.

Aug 12

Flowers Near Home–White Poppy

Photograph closeup of a white poppyThis poppy appears to be yellow but it is actually a pale white color. It is reflecting the yellow and orange of the surrounding poppies. Taken with a manual focus 55mm macro lens.

Aug 12

Flowers Near Home–Poppy and Raindrops

Photograph of a poppy plant covered with raindrops painted over with watercolor brushThe poppy covered with raindrops was from the backyard. I added a layer of paper texture and painted over the texture with a watercolor brush. April, 2012.

Aug 12

Flowers Near Home–Dahlias

Photograph of red Dahlia flowers at the Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CaliforniaFrom San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park Dahlia Garden. September, 2011.