Dec 16

A Look Back—Moss Landing Pelicans

Photograph of pelicans on the breakwater at the Moss Landing HarborMoss Landing is my closet access to the Pacific Ocean. I am drawn back time and again by the power of the waves, the beauty of the sea and the abundant wildlife. On this particular day, hundreds of pelicans were gathered on the rocks of the breakwater at the approach to the harbor. December1, 2005.

Oct 12

Boats–Fishing Boat And Pelicans

Photograph of a commercial fishing boat at Moss Landing Harbor A fishing boat prepares to go out to sea as pelicans look on. This is part of the fish loading dock at the Moss Landing Harbor.

Mar 12

Waves and Birds –Pelicans In Flight

Photograph of three pelicans flying in front of a large wave at Asilomar, CaliforniaGroupings of three often make for good composition. I wanted to capture the pelicans against the wave, but I didn’t see how many there were until I reviewed my images later.

Mar 12

Waves and Birds — Watching

Photograph of a group of birds watching a large wave at Asilomar, California

These birds seem to be watching the crashing wave. I think they just happened to be looking in the same direction. I didn’t notice any other behavior that indicated they were aware of the unusually large waves.

Mar 12

Waves and Birds — Wave and Pelican

Photograph of a large wave and pelican at Asilomar, California

A moment frozen in time. Shutter speed was 1/800th of a second. Asilomar beach, January, 2012.

Feb 12

Moss Landing Wildlife–Pelicans

Photograph of two pelicans at Moss Landing HarborA pair of pelicans resting on a building on the fish dock at Moss landing, California.

Aug 10

Pelican In Flight

Photograph of a pelican flying at Moss Landing HarborPelicans have a wingspan up to 7 feet. They usually fly in flocks and often glide close to the water’s surface. They seem almost prehistoric to me. This pelican reminds me of a Pterodactyl.

Aug 10

Pelican Swimming

Photograph of a pelican swimming In Moss Landing harborAnother view of the same pelican near the Highway 1 bridge. The single eye visible seems to give this bird a determined look.

Aug 10

Pelican Swimming In Moss Landing Harbor

Photograph of a pelican swimming In Moss Landing harborThe pelican’s bill can hold up to three gallons of water and fish. They feed on schooling fish such as herring, minnows, sardines, mackerel and anchovies. This photograph was taken under the Highway 1 bridge that crosses the entrance to the Elkhorn Slough.

Jul 10

Pelicans On The Dock

Photograph of pelicans on a dock, Moss Landing, CaliforniaPelicans perch on a refrigeration unit on a dock in Moss landing, California. A fishing boat is on its way out in the early morning fog.