September, 2016

Sep 16

A Look Back—Oakland Waterfront

Photograph of clouds, and the Oakland waterfront looking from Berkeley, CaliforniaThe cranes on the waterfront in Oakland looked like prehistoric creatures rising up out of the morning clouds and fog. Many of the shots I took in 2004 were in JPEG format. If had known more at the time, I could have captured more detail with a higher quality format. Oh, well.

Sep 16

A Look Back—Boats In Berkeley

Photograph of boats in a harbor at sunrise in Berkeley, CaliforniaA workshop took me to Berkeley in October of 2004. I found these boats after a short  early morning walk. This is another shot with the 24-120mm lens. I must have been enthralled by the reflections in the water because I took many, many shots!

Sep 16

A Look Back—Sunflowers

Photograph of sunflowers near Anzar Road, San Juan Bautista, CaliforniaRevisiting older shots reminds me of numerous expeditions looking for interesting subjects. It has also reminded me of the qualities of certain lenses that I seldom use these days. I used the Nikon 24-120mm for a long time but I used it less after I bought “Professional” lenses. However, many of the shots I like from that time period were taken with that lens. Maybe I need to revisit that lens again. This was taken near Anzar Road, north of San Juan Bautista, California.

Sep 16

A Look Back—Hume Sunrise

Photograph of sunrise at Hume Lake, CaliforniaWhat a difference a few minutes make! This was taken just 20 minutes after the shot in the previous post