Dec 16

A Look Back—Moss Landing Pelicans

Photograph of pelicans on the breakwater at the Moss Landing HarborMoss Landing is my closet access to the Pacific Ocean. I am drawn back time and again by the power of the waves, the beauty of the sea and the abundant wildlife. On this particular day, hundreds of pelicans were gathered on the rocks of the breakwater at the approach to the harbor. December1, 2005.

Sep 16

A Look Back—Oakland Waterfront

Photograph of clouds, and the Oakland waterfront looking from Berkeley, CaliforniaThe cranes on the waterfront in Oakland looked like prehistoric creatures rising up out of the morning clouds and fog. Many of the shots I took in 2004 were in JPEG format. If had known more at the time, I could have captured more detail with a higher quality format. Oh, well.

Sep 16

A Look Back—Boats In Berkeley

Photograph of boats in a harbor at sunrise in Berkeley, CaliforniaA workshop took me to Berkeley in October of 2004. I found these boats after a short  early morning walk. This is another shot with the 24-120mm lens. I must have been enthralled by the reflections in the water because I took many, many shots!

Jan 16

Cornwall–Newlyn Sunrise

Photograph of boats and harbor at sunrise from Newlyn, Cornwall, EnglandThe harbor in Newlyn, near Penzance, Cornwall. This was the view from our room!

Jan 16


Photograph of kayaks and harbor at Mousehole, Cornwall, EnglandMousehole is an attractive village and fishing port south of Penzance. This photograph was taken from the harbor wall looking back toward the village.

Dec 15


Photograph of boats and harbor from Newlyn, Cornwall, EnglandThe harbor in Newlyn, near Penzance, Cornwall.

Oct 15

Cornwall–St. Ives Boats

Photograph of boats at ebb tide in St. Ives Harbor, Cornwall, EnglandSt. Ives is, perhaps, the most popular holiday resort destination in Cornwall. It survives today on tourism, but it was once dependent on fishing, principally pilchards. These boats are a reminder of that past.

Oct 15

Cornwall–Falmouth Harbor

Photograph of Falmouth harbor, Falmouth, Cornwall, EnglandA view of part of the third deepest natural harbor in the world at Falmouth.

Dec 12

Boats–Disabled Boat

Photograph of a disabled=I don’t know the story of this boat but it provokes many questions. What happened? Was anyone lost? It speaks to the power and danger of the sea and the courage of those who make their living from it.

Nov 12


Photograph of the stern of a fishing boat at Moss Landing Harbor Boat naming began thousands of years ago, probably seeking protection from a god or a saint. Today many boats are named for family members; some express hopes or aspirations. I used a solarization filter to give this boat a vintage nostalgic look.