December, 2016

Dec 16

A Look Back—Moss Landing Pelicans

Photograph of pelicans on the breakwater at the Moss Landing HarborMoss Landing is my closet access to the Pacific Ocean. I am drawn back time and again by the power of the waves, the beauty of the sea and the abundant wildlife. On this particular day, hundreds of pelicans were gathered on the rocks of the breakwater at the approach to the harbor. December1, 2005.

Dec 16

A Look Back—Kings Canyon Solarized

Photograph of Kings Canyon converted with a Solarizing filterThis was shot with a telephoto lens from an overlook above Kings Canyon in Kings Canyon National Park. It was a very hazy morning and not all appealing. The haze, however, did show the multiple layers of the separate ridges stretching away into the distance. I converted this shot with a solarizing filter to emphasize the layers. October, 20, 2005.

Dec 16

A Look Back—Yosemite Color

Photograph of a trees in Fall colors lining a road in Yosemite ValleyOctober of 2005 was the first time I visited Yosemite during the fall season. The bright yellows contrasted with the rugged granite walls and the evergreen trees. I found the curve of this road appealing.

Dec 16

A Look Back—Blue Parrot

Photograph of a blue parrotBlues In The Park is a longtime Seaside tradition. Blues concerts take place in Laguna Grande Park on Sunday afternoons during several weeks in the summer. At one of these events, a gentleman brought several parrots that he shared with other attendees. He placed them on outstretched hands or shoulders. The birds delighted children and adults. I liked the detail in the feathers on this particular shot. August 14, 2005.