May, 2011

May 11

Oregon Waves — Rocky Cliff

Photograph of waves and rock formations along the coast near Bandon, OregonAnother shot from Bandon, Oregon. Waves crashing in a small inlet of this rocky cliff produced rising mist that produced a ghostly effect.

May 11

Oregon Waves

Photograph of rock formations along the coast near Bandon, OregonRock formations along the coast near Bandon, Oregon. February 2, 2009.

May 11

California Waves — Asilomar

 Photograp Photograph of a wave crashing against rocks at Asilomar Beach, Pacific Grove, CaliforniaAsilomar State Beach is on the Monterey Peninsula in Pacific Grove, California. It is a strip of sandy beach and rocky coves. It is an especially good area to watch large waves crash over the rocks offshore. Taken in January, 2008.

May 11

California Waves — Monterey

Photograph of an enormous wave crashing near Pacific Grove, CaliforniaThis wave was one of many massive ones that came into Monterey Bay in early December of 2007. An experienced local surfer lost his life while surfing the big waves.

May 11

California Waves – Waves and Fog

Photograph of a waves and fog at Asilomar Beach, CaliforniaA 2.5 second exposure of waves and incoming fog at Asilomar beach. Taken early December, 2007.

May 11

California Waves – Moss Landing

Photograph of waves at Moss Landing, California A storm near Hawaii generated enormous waves in Moss Landing, although the weather was mild and pleasant. Taken early morning, February, 2007.

May 11

California Waves – Moss Landing Beach

Photograph of a wave crashing on the beach at Moss Landing, CaliforniaChurning waves breaking near the shore at Moss Landing Beach. Late evening, December, 2006.

May 11

California Waves

Photograph of a wave crashing against rocks at Pacific Grove, CaliforniaAs winter turns to spring, storms are no longer pounding the coast. Most waves breaking along the California Pacific shore are wind-generated waves, caused by wind blowing over large areas of open ocean. They can travel thousands of miles before reaching land. Waves break when they run into shallow water. Large waves are dramatic, dangerous and exhilarating. In the next several posts, I will share some images from our local shores. This first image was captured along the Pacific Grove Recreation Trail, March, 2006