October, 2016

Oct 16

A Look Back—Golden Gate Bridge

a_look_back12Sunset in Berkeley, California. Taken with a 24-120mm lens, January, 2005.

Oct 16

A Look Back—Old Town San Juan Bautista

Photograph of the Plaza Market building in San Juan Bautista, CaliforniaAn early morning in Historic San Juan Bautista. Taken with a 24-120mm lens, January, 2005.

Oct 16

A Look Back—Moss Landing Sunset

Photograph of the sun setting at Moss Landing Beach in Moss Landing, CaliforniaThis was near the beginning of more than a decade of inspiration found at the beaches, the jetty and the slough near Moss Landing, California. I was attracted by the colorful cloud reflections from the wet sand. Sunset, December, 2004.

Oct 16

A Look Back—Strawberry Field Sunrise

Photograph of the sun rising over the Gabilan Range and reflected from plastic covering strawberries in Salinas, CaliforniaThis is one of my favorite shots. The sun is rising behind the Gabilan Range and is reflected from plastic covering the rows where strawberries will be planted. Taken with the 24-120mm lens near Russell Road, Salinas, California, November, 2004.