July, 2011

Jul 11

Canada and Alaska 2011–The Banff Formation

Photograph of the Banff Formation near the town of Banff, CanadaIn May of this year I drove a motor home from Forest City, Iowa to Anchorage, Alaska. I spent 18 days driving through the northern United States, British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon Territory and Alaska. It was a privilege to drive by some of the most spectacular mountain ranges, rivers and waterfalls on the planet. This formation is sedimentary, primarily shale and limestone. It isĀ  near Banff, a town site and the headquarters of the Banff National Park in Alberta.

Jul 11

Graffiti Fence

Photograph of graffiti on a fence in Fresno, CaliforniaWhether graffiti is art or not is a controversial question. Like it or not, occasionally graffiti brightens what otherwise would be a community eyesore. This is a fence screening an industrial junkyard in Fresno, California. It contrasted nicely with the dramatic skies in the background.

Jul 11

Boxcars and Graffiti

Photograph of railroad boxcars and graffiti in Fresno, CaliforniaBoxcars in an industrial area of Fresno, California.

Jul 11

Mingle Warehouse

Photograph of a brick warehouse building in Fresno, CaliforniaThe Fresno Brewing Company and Warehouse, also known as the Mingle Warehouse is on the National Register of Historic Places. Its period of significance to commerce was between 1900 and 1924. Today it is one of many warehouses and industrial buildings just south of downtown Fresno. Many of the buildings are closed, abandoned or neglected.

Jul 11

Fresno, California

Photograph of Van Ness Avenue Arch in Fresno, CaliforniaHere are a few images that are a departure from my usual Landscape work. Fresno is the fifth largest city in California and is the center of the great agricultural valley, the San Joaquin. Highway 99 north entered Fresno through the Van Ness Avenue Arch. It was originally a stucco and terra cotta structure built in 1917. When the new Highway 99 bypassed Fresno, the arch became a victim of neglect. It was repaired in 1980.

Jul 11

Rainbows — Pastel Colors

Photograph of a rainbow over the ocean at Pacific Grove, CaliforniaJust a beautiful moment over the ocean. Until I looked at this shot later, I didn’t realize the colors of the rainbow were an overlay on the water itself. I had imagined the rainbow was cut off at the horizon.