Jul 17

A Look Back—Bodie Abandoned Car

Photograph of an abandoned car in the snow at the ghost town of Bodie, CaliforniaThe weeds and snow added to the loneliness of this old car.

Jun 17

A Look Back—Bodie Abandoned House 2

Photograph of an abandoned house in the snow at the ghost town of Bodie, CaliforniaHot in the summer and freezing in the winter, living in Bodie must have been a challenge. Still, this was a home for a family at one time. Bodie is above the timber line and all wood for construction and heat had to be transported.

Jun 17

A Look Back—Bodie Abandoned Houses

Photograph of abandoned houses in the snow at the ghost town of Bodie, CaliforniaMany of the houses in Bodie still have plates on the kitchen tables. It seems as though everyone left at once, though I’m sure that wasn’t the case.

Jun 17

A Look Back—Bodie Methodist Church

Photograph of the Methodist Church in the snow at the ghost town of Bodie, CaliforniaThis is one of two churches in Bodie, the abandoned mining town. It was built in 1882 and the last services were held in 1932. There were two churches and sixty-five saloons in town.

May 17

A Look Back—Bodie Mining Buildings

Photograph of mining buildings in the snow at the ghost town of Bodie, CaliforniaMy first trip ever to the ghost town of Bodie coincided with the first snow of the season. Bodie is almost 8400 feet in elevation and I worried I might get snowed in, but the snow added drama to the scene of the mining buildings.

Apr 17

A Look Back—Snow Covered Peak

Photograph of a snow covered peak near Lone Pine, CaliforniaAn overlooked shot from a trip to the eastern Sierra Nevada in March of 2006. Snow prevented me from going higher in elevation, but a telephoto zoom brought this peak in close. There was so little color in the scene that I thought it looked better in black and white.

May 16

New Mexico—Carson Forest Snowstorm

Photograph of a truck, horses and ranch buildings in a snowstorm in the Carson Forest, New MexicoWe planned a trip to Chama, New Mexico, along highway 64. Rain, however, quickly turned into snow, and, soon, the road disappeared completely. We turned back shortly after we passed this isolated ranch.

Dec 14

Road Trip–Mount Shasta 2

Photograph of Mount Shasta at sunriseMount Shasta rises nearly 10,000 feet above the surrounding terrain and is not connected to any other mountains nearby. It is visible for over one hundred miles. It is a volcano and has erupted on an average of every 600 to 800 years over the last 10,000 years. The last major eruption may have happened about 200 years ago.