Mar 16

Cornwall–St. Just Church

Photograph of a stone window of the church in St. Just, Cornwall, EnglandThe church here has existed since 500 A.D. Of course, the building has needed repairs and was last rebuilt in about 1500, but a congregation has existed here for 1500 years since the era of the Cornish saints.

Feb 16

Cornwall–Botallack Mine 5

Photograph of engine houses at Botallack Mine, Cornwall, EnglandA final view of the Botallack Mine.

Feb 16

Cornwall–Botallack Mine 4

Photograph of engine houses at Botallack Mine, Cornwall, EnglandThese are the two engine houses originally operated by Crown Mines at Botallack. The deepest shafts are about 500m below sea level. It is sobering to think about the miners so deep under ground and under the sea as well.

Feb 16

Cornwall–Botallack Mine 3

Photograph of flowers and a coastal path at Botallack Mine, Cornwall, EnglandThe location for the Botallack mines is strikingly beautiful. This is the view looking away from the engine houses.

Feb 16

Cornwall–Botallack Mine 2

Photograph of a mining structure at Botallack Mine, Cornwall, EnglandThe Botallack mine ruins are protected by the National Trust.

Feb 16

Cornwall–Botallack Mine

Photograph of a mining structure at Botallack Mine, Cornwall, EnglandThe Botallack mining structures are former tin mines perched on the cliffs north of Botallack. The mines extended out beneath the sea bed. The BBC 2015 television series Poldark was partly filmed in Botallack.

Jan 16

Cornwall–Newlyn Sunrise

Photograph of boats and harbor at sunrise from Newlyn, Cornwall, EnglandThe harbor in Newlyn, near Penzance, Cornwall. This was the view from our room!

Jan 16

Cornwall–St. Michael’s Mount

Photograph of St. Michael's Mount and Causeway, Cornwall, EnglandA view of the partially submerged causeway leading to St. Michael’s Mount castle and chapel. Twice a day it is possible to cross the causeway as the tide ebbs. Pilgrims have visited St. Michaels since the 11th century.

Jan 16


Photograph of kayaks and harbor at Mousehole, Cornwall, EnglandMousehole is an attractive village and fishing port south of Penzance. This photograph was taken from the harbor wall looking back toward the village.

Jan 16

Cornwall–Newlyn to Mousehole

cornwall_17An afternoon hike from Newlyn to Mousehole, looking back toward to Penzance. The water and sky were brilliantly blue