February, 2011

Feb 11

Favorite Images From 2010–Dinosaur Point

Photograph of oak trees and Johnny-Jump-up wildflowers near Los Banos, CaliforniaApril 2010, Dinosaur Point near Pacheco Pass on Highway 152. The fields were covered with Johnny-Jump-up wildflowers.

Feb 11

Favorite Images From 2010–Carmel Mission

Photograph of a statue and flowers at Carmel Mission, Carmel, CaliforniaDetail of a small garden at the Carmel Mission, Carmel California. The statue to the far left is of Father Junipero Serra,  the founder of California’s first mission. This is a very quiet spot at the mission.

Feb 11

Favorite Images From 2010–Flooded Orchard

Photograph of a flooded orchard in Watsonville, CaliforniaThis small orchard near Watsonville was inundated from heavy winter rains. The little tree seemed sad surrounded by so much water. I liked the reflections of the clouds and the other trees. Five bracketed exposures blended together.

Feb 11

Favorite Images From 2010–Echium In Pacific Grove

Photograph of purple Echium flowers in Pacific Grove, CaliforniaThese Echium, or Pride of Madeira, plants were just beginning to bloom in late February. It was between storms, making for dramatic skies. The location was very close to the previous post.

Feb 11

Favorite Images From 2010–Succulents In Pacific Grove

Photograph of red flowers of a succulent plant in Pacific Grove, CaliforniaAs I reviewed my images from 2010, almost 13,000, I selected a number of ones that I liked but have not featured here before. This was captured in late January, a mile south of Lover’s Point. Rocks, water, clouds and color, a lot is happening in this image. The front element of my wide angle lens was six inches from the leaves of the flowers.

Feb 11

Silhouette On The Beach

Photograph of horse and rider on a beach at Morro Bay, CaliforniaThis is the final image in this series of horses and riders on the beach. I allowed just a touch of detail to show in the silhouette. I wanted the rider to stand out against the sky, so I faded the top background away to white. Note the surfer in the background.

Feb 11

Horse, Rider, Silhouette And Echo

Photograph of horse and rider on a beach at Morro Bay, CaliforniaAnother black and white silhouette from Morro Bay, California. The shape and direction of the horse’s head is echoed by the rock off shore.

Feb 11

Horse And Rider Silhouette

Photograph of horse and rider on a beach at Morro Bay, CaliforniaThe final three images in this series of Morro Bay horse and rider shots are black and white silhouettes. I increased the contrast to make the silhouette of the horse and rider as black as possible. It was a challenge to get a good shot between the two rocks off shore so the rider is visible against a lighter background. It was a further challenge to get a shot with all four of the horse’s hooves off the ground.