September, 2012

Sep 12

Boats–Row Boat

Photograph of a row boat at Monterey Harbor This row boat was a welcome spot of color on an otherwise overcast morning. Taken at Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, November, 2008.

Sep 12

Boats–Moss Landing Harbor

Photograph of boats at Moss Landing Harbor More boats in a safe harbor, this time Moss Landing. A foggy summer morning in July, 2008. The prevailing color was gray so I boosted the saturation to bring out a little of the color.

Sep 12

Boats–Monterey Harbor 2

Photograph of boats at Monterey Harbor A different view of Monterey Harbor. This was taken with a Blue-Gold filter which emphasizes the blue tones. November, 2011.

Sep 12

Boats–Monterey Harbor

Photograph of boats at Monterey Harbor at sunriseBoats at rest in Monterey Harbor. Harbors have many pleasant associations. There are safe harbors, snug harbors, places to avoid the storms of life.

Sep 12

Boats–Berkeley Marina

Photograph of boats at Berkeley Marina at sunriseAnother harbor, Berkeley Marina. October, 2004.

Sep 12

Boats–Moss Landing Yacht Harbor

Photograph of boats at Moss Landing Yacht Harbor at sunriseA very still sunrise at the Yacht Harbor. The warm colors gives this a dreamy painting look. Late October, 2004.