November, 2015

Nov 15

Cornwall–Wheal Coates Tin Mine

Photograph of Wheal Coates Tin Mine near Chapel Porth, Cornwall, EnglandOne of the goals of my trip to Cornwall was to learn about tin mining. Both of my great-grandfathers were tin miners. The Wheal Coates Mine is owned by the National Trust and is one of the best known industrial buildings in Cornwall. The mine is perched on a cliff top. It was worked from 1815-1914 and produced Tin and Copper. The cold, windy and foggy day accentuated the loneliness of the abandoned site.

Nov 15

Cornwall–Friesian Cows

Photograph of a Friesian cow and flowers near Chapel Porth, Cornwall, EnglandA very misty day hiking along the coast near Chapel Porth. These Friesian cows were curious about the hikers near their field.

Nov 15

Cornwall–Tehidy Forest

Photograph of a misty path in Tehidy Forest near Portreath, Cornwall, EnglandOne of my favorite locations in England and one of my favorite shots. Tehidy Country Park is near Portreath, Cornwall, and was once part of a manor owned by the Basset family, wealthy tin mine owners. This pathway was probably a driveway for carriages.

Nov 15

Cornwall–Truro Cathedral

Photograph of musicians below a stained glass window in Truro Cathedral,Truro, Cornwall, EnglandWe attended a concert in Truro Cathedral in Truro, Cornwall. The acoustics were excellent, as was the concert. The musicians setting up below the stained glass window indicate the scale of the cathedral.

Nov 15

Cornwall–Country Lane

Photograph of a flower-lined road in Trenwheal, Cornwall, EnglandMany of the roads in Cornwall are lined with flowering hedgerows. Driving is an adventure but the roads are beautiful. Most of these flowers are red and white Campion.