August, 2010

Aug 10

Yosemite Valley View

Photograph of  Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite National ParkBridal Veil falls and Yosemite Valley in late May, 2006.

Aug 10

Falling Water

Photograph of McWay Falls along the California CoastThe drama of water falling creates an additional energy. This photograph is a sepia treatment of McWay Falls south of Big Sur on the California Coast.

Aug 10

Energizing Movement

Photograph of Ten Mile Stream in Kings Canyon National ParkA slow shutter speed can suggest the flow of water by blurring the movement. A fast shutter can capture the energy of a single moment in the flow of water. This photograph was shot at 1/500th of a second. It is a detail of a small stream in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

Aug 10

Flowing Water

Photograph of the Kings River in Kings Canyon National ParkWater in motion appeals to the senses and to the spirit. Water soothes, satisfies and energizes. Simple and elemental, water attracts us. Lakes, rivers, streams and, especially, waterfalls lead us to a meditative state. I will post photographs of water in motion over the next few weeks. This first post is a detail of the Kings River in Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon National Park.

Aug 10

Pelican In Flight

Photograph of a pelican flying at Moss Landing HarborPelicans have a wingspan up to 7 feet. They usually fly in flocks and often glide close to the water’s surface. They seem almost prehistoric to me. This pelican reminds me of a Pterodactyl.

Aug 10

Pelican Swimming

Photograph of a pelican swimming In Moss Landing harborAnother view of the same pelican near the Highway 1 bridge. The single eye visible seems to give this bird a determined look.

Aug 10

Pelican Swimming In Moss Landing Harbor

Photograph of a pelican swimming In Moss Landing harborThe pelican’s bill can hold up to three gallons of water and fish. They feed on schooling fish such as herring, minnows, sardines, mackerel and anchovies. This photograph was taken under the Highway 1 bridge that crosses the entrance to the Elkhorn Slough.