May, 2010

May 10

Snow Peak from McKinley Range

Photograph of a mountain peak in the McKinley Range, AlaskaOne of many shots taken from a small plane flying from Talkeetna to a landing on the Ruth Glacier in the McKinley Range, Alaska. I sat in the co-pilot’s seat and was able to shoot through the front windshield as well as the side window.

May 10

North of Valdez Alaska

Photograph of a snow covered mountain and river near Valdez, AlaskaFall color north of Valdez, Alaska. One of many unnamed rivers crossed by Highway 4 in Alaska.

May 10

Cook Inlet

Landscape, Clouds, Light Rays, AlaskaThe Cook Inlet stretches about 180 miles from Anchorage south to the Gulf of Alaska. The Inlet provides navigable access for Anchorage and Homer. This image was captured in early September, 2006. Dark clouds alternated with patches of sun to create this dramatic scene.

May 10

Farming Community and Mt. Hood

Photograph of Mt Hood in OregonAn image from Hood River, Oregon. This was taken from a small park that overlooked a beautiful valley of farms, fields and orchards. Mt. Hood appeared to generate its own weather system on this late October morning.

May 10

Orchard In Bloom

Photograph of fruit trees in bloom in Easton, CaliforniaEarly March, 2006, in Easton, California. An orchard in full bloom.

May 10

Grape Vineyard and Setting Sun

Photograph of a grape vineyard and the setting sun in Easton, CaliforniaAnother image from Easton, California. This was from late November as the grape leaves were turning color and the sun set early in the day.

May 10

Grapevines and Sierra Snow

Photograph of a grape vineyard and the Sierra Nevada mountains near Fresno, CaliforniaThis shot is from Easton, California, a small farming community a few miles southwest of Fresno. The Sierras are not often visible from the San Joaquin Valley because of air pollution. The snow covered peaks were beautiful on an early March morning in 2006. I used a telephoto lens to bring the mountains in the distance much closer to the vineyard in the foreground.

May 10

Spreckels Sugar Factory and Snow on the Hills

Photograph of the Speckels Sugar Beet factory in Spreckels, CaliforniaThis is a view of the Specklels, California sugar beet factory with the Santa Lucia range in the background. Occasional snow on the peaks is not unusual in winter, but this was taken a few days before the Spring Equinox. The sugar factory processed sugar beets from 1889 to 1982.

May 10

Strawberry Sunrise

Photograph of the sun's early light reflected from plastic wrapped strawberry rows in the Salinas Valley, CaliforniaThis is a view of the sun rising behind the Gabilan Range in the Salinas Valley with light reflected from plastic covered rows that will be planted in strawberries. The rows are wrapped in black plastic and treated with Methyl Bromide, a pre-plant soil fumigant used to control diseases and pests in agriculture. Methyl Bromide use is being phased out in California. The plastic made a nice reflective surface for the light of the rising sun. November, 2004.

May 10

Nashua Road Fields

Photograph of fields wet from rain near Castroville, CaliforniaAgriculture and farmers sustain us all. In this series of posts, I’ll share some images that are related to farming. This photograph is of fields ready for planting but still wet from Spring rains. These fields are near Nashua Road and Highway 1 near Castroville, California.