Farm Land

Mar 18

A Look Back—Nisqually Barn

Photograph of trees, fallen leaves and a barn at the Nisqually Wildlife RefugeA picnic area at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge is located between Tacoma and Olympia, Washington, along Interstate 5. October 14, 2008.

Jan 18

A Look Back—Art Project In Mexico

Photograph of a door raised in the air in  a field in MexicoAn art project in a field an hour south of Ensenada, Mexico. There are two doors, one leading up, one leading down. I like the incongruity. July, 2008.

Nov 17

A Look Back—Easton Sunrise

Photograph of an old farm house at sunrise in Easton, CaliforniaStill one of my favorite shots. Sunrise over an old farmhouse in Easton, a small community near Fresno, California. January 8, 2008.

Feb 17

A Look Back—Empty Highway

Photograph of a farm road and clouds near Marina, CaliforniaThe yellow line of the road led my eye to the clouds in the distance. Taken with the 17-55mm lens, April 2006.

Feb 17

A Look Back—Mustard

Photograph of bright yellow mustard plants and clouds near Marina, CaliforniaMustard begins to appear in February along the central California coast. It is an invasive plant but very colorful. April 1, 2006.

Feb 17

A Look Back—Farmland

Photograph of farm land, rows and clouds near Marina, CaliforniaThe morning after a rainstorm near Marina, California. The day was sparkling and the lingering clouds caught my eye. April 1, 2006.

Jan 17

A Look Back—Orchard In Bloom

Photograph of an orchard, clouds, trees and farmland in Easton, CaliforniaIt is hard not to take a pleasing shot when hundreds of acres of fruit trees are in bloom. Taken with a mid-range zoom on March 4, 2006.

Dec 16

A Look Back—Yosemite Color

Photograph of a trees in Fall colors lining a road in Yosemite ValleyOctober of 2005 was the first time I visited Yosemite during the fall season. The bright yellows contrasted with the rugged granite walls and the evergreen trees. I found the curve of this road appealing.

Oct 16

A Look Back—Strawberry Field Sunrise

Photograph of the sun rising over the Gabilan Range and reflected from plastic covering strawberries in Salinas, CaliforniaThis is one of my favorite shots. The sun is rising behind the Gabilan Range and is reflected from plastic covering the rows where strawberries will be planted. Taken with the 24-120mm lens near Russell Road, Salinas, California, November, 2004.

Aug 16

A Look Back—Easton Orchard

Photograph of an orchard, clouds, trees and farmland in Easton, CaliforniaRealizing that I have nearly 94,000 images in my catalog, I decided it was time to do some pruning. My catalog stretches back to 2003. I found familiar landscapes and an early interest in natural beauty and interesting light. I also came across shots I had forgotten about. This was taken on a cold afternoon in December, 2003, in Easton, California.