Dec 17

A Look Back—Backyard Macro

Photograph of raindrops on a poppy petalOne of my favorite subjects — raindrops on poppy plants. This is one of more than 1,200 shots of raindrops. Too many? April, 2008.

Jul 17

A Look Back—Suspended Raindrop

Photograph of a raindrop suspended from a flowering Plum tree bud Prunedale, CaliforniaA bud turning into a blossom on the flowering plum tree outside the living room window. Taken with a macro lens, February 11, 2007.

Aug 12

Flowers Near Home–White Poppy

Photograph closeup of a white poppyThis poppy appears to be yellow but it is actually a pale white color. It is reflecting the yellow and orange of the surrounding poppies. Taken with a manual focus 55mm macro lens.

Aug 12

Flowers Near Home–Poppy and Raindrops

Photograph of a poppy plant covered with raindrops painted over with watercolor brushThe poppy covered with raindrops was from the backyard. I added a layer of paper texture and painted over the texture with a watercolor brush. April, 2012.

Jul 12

Flowers Near Home–Backlight

Photograph of a delicate backlighted translucent purple flowerLate afternoon light makes this small flower almost transparent. Taken with a 105mm macro lens in 2008.

Apr 10

Poppy and Raindrops

A close up photograph of California Poppy petals covered with raindropsThis is an early morning macro shot of a poppy in my backyard. It had rained the previous evening and this poppy had broken away from the stem. The raindrops seemed to weigh it down even more.

Apr 10

Yellow Orange Glow

A close up photograph of California Poppy petalsPoppies are difficult to photograph. They are in their glory in the direct sun but that is often a harsh and flat light. They are most dramatic when back lighted but that is a challenge to expose properly. This a macro shot of poppy petals with a very shallow depth of field. With so little in focus, the yellow and orange seems to glow even more.