June, 2011

Jun 11

Rainbows — Asilomar

Photograph of a rainbow over the ocean at Pacific Grove, CaliforniaA sparkling and spectacular morning at the Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove, California. I saw one rainbow after another and could hardly shoot fast enough to keep up. December, 2008.

Jun 11

Rainbows — Salinas Valley

Photograph of a rainbow in the Salinas Valley, CaliforniaA day of snow at the higher elevations in the Salinas Valley. This double rainbow was visible from the Indian Springs area, March 2006.

Jun 11

Rainbows — Stovepipe Wells

Photograph of a rainbow in Death Valley, CaliforniaA brief flash of color showing through the blowing dust and sand in Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley.

Jun 11

Rainbows — Death Valley

Photograph of a rainbow in Death Valley, CaliforniaI was reminded of rainbows today and decided to do a short series of posts of rainbow images. There is something magical about an arc of color reaching across the sky. Hope, promise and good fortune are associated with rainbows. This particular image is from Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley. No rain was falling where I was standing but a tremendous wind was blowing so much dust that I had to retreat to my truck. March, 2006.

Jun 11

California Waves — Dog in Surf

Photograph of a dog running in the surf at Moss Landing, CaliforniaThis has been a popular print at Art shows. I am always asked if this is my dog. It would make a better story, perhaps, if it was, but it isn’t my dog. I saw it trotting through the edge of the surf and managed a quick shot before it was gone. Taken at Moss Landing Beach, January 2005.

Jun 11

California Waves — Light Rays

Photograph of light rays over the ocean at Pacific Grove, CaliforniaThe waves were not particularly large on this day at Asilomar, but I was struck by the light rays striking the ocean through an opening in the clouds. The phenomenon lasted about 5 minutes before the clouds closed together. Taken March, 26, 2011.

Jun 11

California Waves — Wave and Rocks

Photograph of a wave crashing against rocks at Pacific Grove, CaliforniaAnother shot from Asilomar Beach from March, 2010. This was shot at 1/1600th of a second to freeze the action of the exploding wave.