Aug 17

A Look Back—Horse Portrait

Photograph of the eye of a horse at Redwings Horse SanctuaryAn interesting trip to Redwings Horse Rescue and Sanctuary in south Monterey County. Redwings is home to many rescued horses, including a mustang herd from Montana. I liked the lashes of the horse’s eye. Taken with a 70-200mm lens, March 31, 2007.

Aug 17

A Look Back—Tree Bathed In Light

Photograph of a single tree in golden light near Mission San AntonioOn a trip to see the San Antonio Mission, we drove by this lone tree in a pasture bathed in golden light. I stopped the car in the middle of the road and shot this from the window. It is still one of my favorite shots. Taken March 31, 2007.

Aug 17

A Look Back—Pacific Grove Echium

Photograph of purple echium against a stone wall in Pacific Grove, CaliforniaEchium, or the Pride of Madeira plants begin to bloom along the bike trail in Pacific Grove towards the end of winter. I liked this arrangement against the stone wall. Taken with a wide-angle lens on March 19, 2007.

Jul 17

A Look Back—Suspended Raindrop

Photograph of a raindrop suspended from a flowering Plum tree bud Prunedale, CaliforniaA bud turning into a blossom on the flowering plum tree outside the living room window. Taken with a macro lens, February 11, 2007.

Jul 17

A Look Back—Cloud Detail

Photograph of dramatic clouds over Fremont Peak near Salinas, CaliforniaA shot from the same morning, a few minutes apart. Taken with a 70-200mm zoom. Jan 28, 2007.

Jul 17

A Look Back—Dramatic Clouds Over Fremont Peak

Photograph of dramatic clouds over Fremont Peak near Salinas, CaliforniaA winter storm brought dramatic clouds to the area in January of 2007. I found the nearest high point, Manzanita Park, to capture as much of the sky as possible. The highest peak in the distance is Fremont Peak. It was the first place in California where the American flag was raised.

Jul 17

A Look Back—Bodie Abandoned Car

Photograph of an abandoned car in the snow at the ghost town of Bodie, CaliforniaThe weeds and snow added to the loneliness of this old car.

Jun 17

A Look Back—Bodie Abandoned House 2

Photograph of an abandoned house in the snow at the ghost town of Bodie, CaliforniaHot in the summer and freezing in the winter, living in Bodie must have been a challenge. Still, this was a home for a family at one time. Bodie is above the timber line and all wood for construction and heat had to be transported.

Jun 17

A Look Back—Bodie Abandoned Houses

Photograph of abandoned houses in the snow at the ghost town of Bodie, CaliforniaMany of the houses in Bodie still have plates on the kitchen tables. It seems as though everyone left at once, though I’m sure that wasn’t the case.

Jun 17

A Look Back—Bodie Methodist Church

Photograph of the Methodist Church in the snow at the ghost town of Bodie, CaliforniaThis is one of two churches in Bodie, the abandoned mining town. It was built in 1882 and the last services were held in 1932. There were two churches and sixty-five saloons in town.