Oct 18

A Look Back—Motion Blur 3

Photograph of intentionally blurred flowersA front yard rose. Two seconds at f/10. December, 2009

Oct 18

A Look Back—Motion Blur 2

Photograph of intentionally blurred flowersNot every blurred shot is successful. Perhaps one of twenty work. December, 2009

Oct 18

A Look Back—Motion Blur

Photograph of intentionally blurred flowersExperiments with intentional blur, using an aperture of f/13 and an exposure of 1.6 seconds. These were of a variety of flowers in my garden. I found some abstractsp leasing. December, 2009

Sep 18

A Look Back—Colorful Car

Photograph of a yellow car at Moss Landing, CaliforniaA gray day, foggy and overcast near the beach at Moss Landing. This car was a colorful contrast to the gloom. October 24, 2009.

Sep 18

A Look Back—Horse Portrait

Photograph of a brown horseThis was a shot taken during a portrait session for several horse owners. Portraits of horses was a new experience for me. Animals don’t naturally pose or take instruction from a stranger. Patience helps. June 14, 2009.

Aug 18

A Look Back—Ram And Lupine 2

Photograph of a ram standing in a field of lupine in Prunedale, CaliforniaAnother view of the ram grazing in lupine. The power of photography is the chance to freeze a moment in time. The ram has since died and there have been few blooms as prolific. April 22, 2009.

Aug 18

A Look Back—Ram And Lupine

Photograph of a ram standing in a field of lupine in Prunedale, CaliforniaA neighbor’s pasture, one of my favorite locations when there is a prolific bloom of lupine. The ram was a bonus. April 22, 2009.

Jul 18

A Look Back—Big Sur Lupine

Photograph of lupine flowers near Big Sur, CaliforniaTaken along the Nacimiento-Ferguson road that connects Highway 1 south of Big Sur to inland highways. It is sometimes the only connection for Big Sur residents when Highway 1 is blocked by mudslides. A beautiful drive, but not for the faint of heart. April 15, 2009.

Jul 18

A Look Back—Pinnacles Flower Display

Photograph of California Goldfield flowers at Pinnacles National ParkA nice display of California Goldfields. Taken at the Pinnacles National Monument before it became a National Park. April 2, 2009.

Jul 18

A Look Back—Humbug Mountain Beach

Photograph of rocks and waves near Humbug Mountain, Oregon.

Humbug Mountain 4

The sky and sea were so bright that very little color was visible. I decided to convert this to black and white because the contrast was so extreme. February 2, 2009.