Aug 17

A Look Back—Pacific Grove Echium

Photograph of purple echium against a stone wall in Pacific Grove, CaliforniaEchium, or the Pride of Madeira plants begin to bloom along the bike trail in Pacific Grove towards the end of winter. I liked this arrangement against the stone wall. Taken with a wide-angle lens on March 19, 2007.

May 17

A Look Back—Flowers and Pine

Photograph of a pine tree and small pink flowers in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Kings Canyon National Park, CaliforniaSo often the Sierras in summer are dry and dusty. In July of 2006, there was enough moisture for these delicate flowers to thrive. Taken in Kings Canyon National Park in the central Sierra Nevada.

Mar 17

A Look Back—Poppies And Tracks

Photograph of poppies growing between unused railroad tracks near Marina, CaliforniaI found this section of unused railroad tracks for the first time in 2006. I liked the bright color of the poppies against the rusting tracks. I have returned to this area every spring since then, but have never found as profuse a bloom.

Feb 17

A Look Back—Raindrops

Photograph of raindrops on a flower backyard shot with the 105mm Micro Lens. The freshness of the raindrops never loses it’s appeal. April 2006.

Nov 16

A Look Back—Prunedale Lupine

Photograph of an oak tree surrounded by lupine in Prunedale, CaliforniaA good year for lupine in Prunedale in May, 2005. This field is only a short distance from my house and has been a favorite subject over the years.

Sep 16

A Look Back—Sunflowers

Photograph of sunflowers near Anzar Road, San Juan Bautista, CaliforniaRevisiting older shots reminds me of numerous expeditions looking for interesting subjects. It has also reminded me of the qualities of certain lenses that I seldom use these days. I used the Nikon 24-120mm for a long time but I used it less after I bought “Professional” lenses. However, many of the shots I like from that time period were taken with that lens. Maybe I need to revisit that lens again. This was taken near Anzar Road, north of San Juan Bautista, California.

Nov 15

Cornwall–Country Lane

Photograph of a flower-lined road in Trenwheal, Cornwall, EnglandMany of the roads in Cornwall are lined with flowering hedgerows. Driving is an adventure but the roads are beautiful. Most of these flowers are red and white Campion.

Sep 14

Butchart Gardens–Flower Detail

Photograph of colorful flowers at the Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, CanadaA look at a small piece of the great variety and color of the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada.

Sep 14

Butchart Gardens–Italian Garden

Photograph of the Italian Garden at the Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, CanadaThe Italian Garden was created on the site of the Butchart’s tennis court. The pond is the shape of a cross.

Sep 14

Butchart Gardens–Star Pond

Photograph of the Star Pond at the Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, CanadaThis twelve-point pond is surrounded by annuals. It was designed for Mr. Butchart’s ornamental ducks and is located between the Japanese Garden and the Italian Garden.