Aug 17

A Look Back—Tree Bathed In Light

Photograph of a single tree in golden light near Mission San AntonioOn a trip to see the San Antonio Mission, we drove by this lone tree in a pasture bathed in golden light. I stopped the car in the middle of the road and shot this from the window. It is still one of my favorite shots. Taken March 31, 2007.

May 17

A Look Back—Flowers and Pine

Photograph of a pine tree and small pink flowers in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Kings Canyon National Park, CaliforniaSo often the Sierras in summer are dry and dusty. In July of 2006, there was enough moisture for these delicate flowers to thrive. Taken in Kings Canyon National Park in the central Sierra Nevada.

Jan 17

A Look Back—Orchard In Bloom

Photograph of an orchard, clouds, trees and farmland in Easton, CaliforniaIt is hard not to take a pleasing shot when hundreds of acres of fruit trees are in bloom. Taken with a mid-range zoom on March 4, 2006.

Dec 16

A Look Back—Yosemite Color

Photograph of a trees in Fall colors lining a road in Yosemite ValleyOctober of 2005 was the first time I visited Yosemite during the fall season. The bright yellows contrasted with the rugged granite walls and the evergreen trees. I found the curve of this road appealing.

Nov 16

A Look Back—Prunedale Lupine

Photograph of an oak tree surrounded by lupine in Prunedale, CaliforniaA good year for lupine in Prunedale in May, 2005. This field is only a short distance from my house and has been a favorite subject over the years.

Aug 16

A Look Back—Easton Orchard

Photograph of an orchard, clouds, trees and farmland in Easton, CaliforniaRealizing that I have nearly 94,000 images in my catalog, I decided it was time to do some pruning. My catalog stretches back to 2003. I found familiar landscapes and an early interest in natural beauty and interesting light. I also came across shots I had forgotten about. This was taken on a cold afternoon in December, 2003, in Easton, California.

Nov 15

Cornwall–Tehidy Forest

Photograph of a misty path in Tehidy Forest near Portreath, Cornwall, EnglandOne of my favorite locations in England and one of my favorite shots. Tehidy Country Park is near Portreath, Cornwall, and was once part of a manor owned by the Basset family, wealthy tin mine owners. This pathway was probably a driveway for carriages.

Mar 15

Road Trip–Cape Creek Bridge

Photograph of the Cape Creek Bridge along the southern Oregon coastThe Cape Creek Bridge at Heceta Head, along the southern Oregon coast. It was built in 1932. This desaturated photograph, almost black and white, seemed to reflect the mood of the rainy day.

Mar 15

Road Trip–Heceta Head Lighthouse Outbuilding

Photograph of an outbuilding at the Heceta Head Lighthouse along the southern Oregon coastA rainy afternoon at the Heceta Head Lighthouse. This is one of the early houses maintained for the keepers of the light.

Nov 14

Olympic Peninsula–Hoh Rain Forest 2

Photograph of fallen logs and luxurious plant growth in the Hoh Rain Forest in the Olympic National Park, WashingtonFerns cover the ground and mosses drape the Sitka spruce, Douglas fir and big-leaf maples. Some of the trees measure over 300 feet high and 25 feet in circumference! Hiking the Hall of Mosses is like walking through a large silent sanctuary.