Motion Blur

Oct 18

A Look Back—Motion Blur 2

Photograph of intentionally blurred flowersNot every blurred shot is successful. Perhaps one of twenty work. December, 2009

Oct 18

A Look Back—Motion Blur

Photograph of intentionally blurred flowersExperiments with intentional blur, using an aperture of f/13 and an exposure of 1.6 seconds. These were of a variety of flowers in my garden. I found some abstractsp leasing. December, 2009

Feb 15

Road Trip–Shepperd’s Dell

Photograph of  Shepperd's Dell in Oregon's Columbia River GorgeThis is one of the smaller and less well known falls in the Columbia River Gorge. In fact, I had driven by this several times over the years without seeing it. It is quite lovely.

Sep 10

Wahkeena Falls Foreground

Photograph of  Wahkeena Falls in Oregon's Columbia River GorgeAnother detail from Wahkeena Falls. This was .5 second exposure to create the blurred effect.

Sep 10

Wahkeena Falls Detail

Photograph of  Wahkeena Falls in Oregon's Columbia River GorgeI used a telephoto lens to isolate a detail of Wahkeena Falls. Wahkeena is one of the smaller falls along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

Sep 10

Multonomah Falls

Multonomah Falls are the best known of the Columbia River Gorge waterfalls. They receive many thousands of visitors each year. This was a 3 second exposure and, obligingly, the couple on the bridge did not move.

Sep 10

Horsetail Falls

Photograph of  Horsetail Falls in Oregon's Columbia River GorgeHorsetail Falls is one of several spectacular waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. I used a Variable Neutral Density filter to slow the shutter speed to 6 seconds to create the blur of the falling water.

Aug 10

Falling Water

Photograph of McWay Falls along the California CoastThe drama of water falling creates an additional energy. This photograph is a sepia treatment of McWay Falls south of Big Sur on the California Coast.

Aug 10

Energizing Movement

Photograph of Ten Mile Stream in Kings Canyon National ParkA slow shutter speed can suggest the flow of water by blurring the movement. A fast shutter can capture the energy of a single moment in the flow of water. This photograph was shot at 1/500th of a second. It is a detail of a small stream in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

Aug 10

Flowing Water

Photograph of the Kings River in Kings Canyon National ParkWater in motion appeals to the senses and to the spirit. Water soothes, satisfies and energizes. Simple and elemental, water attracts us. Lakes, rivers, streams and, especially, waterfalls lead us to a meditative state. I will post photographs of water in motion over the next few weeks. This first post is a detail of the Kings River in Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon National Park.