Feb 17

A Look Back—Raindrops

Photograph of raindrops on a flower backyard shot with the 105mm Micro Lens. The freshness of the raindrops never loses it’s appeal. April 2006.

Feb 17

A Look Back—Empty Highway

Photograph of a farm road and clouds near Marina, CaliforniaThe yellow line of the road led my eye to the clouds in the distance. Taken with the 17-55mm lens, April 2006.

Feb 17

A Look Back—Mustard

Photograph of bright yellow mustard plants and clouds near Marina, CaliforniaMustard begins to appear in February along the central California coast. It is an invasive plant but very colorful. April 1, 2006.

Feb 17

A Look Back—Farmland

Photograph of farm land, rows and clouds near Marina, CaliforniaThe morning after a rainstorm near Marina, California. The day was sparkling and the lingering clouds caught my eye. April 1, 2006.

Jan 17

A Look Back—Artist’s Palette

Photograph of Artist’s Palette in Death Valley, California

Brightly colored rock at Artist’s Palette, Death Valley

A detail of the Artist’s Palette area of Death Valley. My first trip to Death Valley and the multi-colored badlands were glowing at sunset. Taken March 8, 2006.

Jan 17

A Look Back—Orchard In Bloom

Photograph of an orchard, clouds, trees and farmland in Easton, CaliforniaIt is hard not to take a pleasing shot when hundreds of acres of fruit trees are in bloom. Taken with a mid-range zoom on March 4, 2006.

Jan 17

A Look Back—Santa Cruz Sunset

Photograph of a building at sunset in Santa Cruz, CaliforniaI don’t shoot many urban scenes or architecture, but this sunset was too nice to pass up. Taken February 24, 2006.

Jan 17

A Look Back—Carmel Mission Archway

Photograph of a path and archway at the Carmel Mission at Carmel, CaliforniaArchways are a frequent subject of mine. I have nearly 800  pictures of doorways and archways. I must find them inviting. They invite a passage from one space to another, one time to another. This archway is part of the historic San Carlos Borromeo del río Carmelo mission (Carmel Mission) opened in 1797. Taken February 16, 2006.

Dec 16

A Look Back—Moss Landing Pelicans

Photograph of pelicans on the breakwater at the Moss Landing HarborMoss Landing is my closet access to the Pacific Ocean. I am drawn back time and again by the power of the waves, the beauty of the sea and the abundant wildlife. On this particular day, hundreds of pelicans were gathered on the rocks of the breakwater at the approach to the harbor. December1, 2005.

Dec 16

A Look Back—Kings Canyon Solarized

Photograph of Kings Canyon converted with a Solarizing filterThis was shot with a telephoto lens from an overlook above Kings Canyon in Kings Canyon National Park. It was a very hazy morning and not all appealing. The haze, however, did show the multiple layers of the separate ridges stretching away into the distance. I converted this shot with a solarizing filter to emphasize the layers. October, 20, 2005.