September, 2014

Sep 14

Olympic Peninsula–Hurricane Ridge

Photograph of Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park, Washington, at sunsetA two day visit to Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula is just enough time to scout the area for future trips. There are too many spectacular areas to do justice to in such a short trip, but even a short visit is wonderful. Hurricane Ridge, a region of the Olympic National Park near Port Angeles, is named for the sometime intense gale winds there. The Ridge runs along the northern side of the Olympic Peninsula and its views of the Olympic Mountains are breathtaking.

Sep 14

Butchart Gardens–Flower Detail

Photograph of colorful flowers at the Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, CanadaA look at a small piece of the great variety and color of the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada.

Sep 14

Butchart Gardens–Italian Garden

Photograph of the Italian Garden at the Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, CanadaThe Italian Garden was created on the site of the Butchart’s tennis court. The pond is the shape of a cross.

Sep 14

Butchart Gardens–Star Pond

Photograph of the Star Pond at the Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, CanadaThis twelve-point pond is surrounded by annuals. It was designed for Mr. Butchart’s ornamental ducks and is located between the Japanese Garden and the Italian Garden.

Sep 14

Butchart Gardens–Pink Tulip Detail

Photograph of pink tulips at the Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, CanadaThe tulips seemed to glow in the afternoon sun.