Dec 18

A Look Back—Lone Pine Sunrise

Photograph of clouds and sunrise over mountains near Lone Pine, CaliforniaEarly morning at a camp site near Lone Pine, California. The eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains, with its high desert vegetation and dramatic ruggedness, overwhelms with its beauty. October 15, 2010.

Nov 18

A Look Back—Country Road

Photograph of clouds and trees and farmland in Monterey County, CaliforniaA black and white conversion of a frosty farm road in North Monterey County, California. February 20, 2010.

Oct 18

A Look Back—Motion Blur 3

Photograph of intentionally blurred flowersA front yard rose. Two seconds at f/10. December, 2009

Oct 18

A Look Back—Motion Blur 2

Photograph of intentionally blurred flowersNot every blurred shot is successful. Perhaps one of twenty work. December, 2009

Oct 18

A Look Back—Motion Blur

Photograph of intentionally blurred flowersExperiments with intentional blur, using an aperture of f/13 and an exposure of 1.6 seconds. These were of a variety of flowers in my garden. I found some abstractsp leasing. December, 2009

Sep 18

A Look Back—Colorful Car

Photograph of a yellow car at Moss Landing, CaliforniaA gray day, foggy and overcast near the beach at Moss Landing. This car was a colorful contrast to the gloom. October 24, 2009.

Sep 18

A Look Back—Horse Portrait

Photograph of a brown horseThis was a shot taken during a portrait session for several horse owners. Portraits of horses was a new experience for me. Animals don’t naturally pose or take instruction from a stranger. Patience helps. June 14, 2009.

Aug 18

A Look Back—Ram And Lupine 2

Photograph of a ram standing in a field of lupine in Prunedale, CaliforniaAnother view of the ram grazing in lupine. The power of photography is the chance to freeze a moment in time. The ram has since died and there have been few blooms as prolific. April 22, 2009.

Aug 18

A Look Back—Ram And Lupine

Photograph of a ram standing in a field of lupine in Prunedale, CaliforniaA neighbor’s pasture, one of my favorite locations when there is a prolific bloom of lupine. The ram was a bonus. April 22, 2009.

Jul 18

A Look Back—Big Sur Lupine

Photograph of lupine flowers near Big Sur, CaliforniaTaken along the Nacimiento-Ferguson road that connects Highway 1 south of Big Sur to inland highways. It is sometimes the only connection for Big Sur residents when Highway 1 is blocked by mudslides. A beautiful drive, but not for the faint of heart. April 15, 2009.